Fund Management

The investment objective of the Waipuna Hospice Foundation is to generate sufficient income to assist funding for the running of the Hospice, meet the cost of maintenance on the Hospice’s buildings, to help finance any building development and to provide a contingency reserve.

Our investment policy

The Investment sub-committee is made up of Tom Roper, John Meldrum and Jon Murie

The Investment sub-committee works closely with investment advisers Craigs Investment Partners (who have been advising the Foundation from the outset).  Together they formulate the investment policy and management of the portfolio which has been conservatively invested and delivers consistent returns for considerably less risk.

The current objective for the Foundation fund is that the portfolio has a target asset allocation of 55% income assets and 45% growth assets. The current portfolio is well diversified, holding over 120 securities.

Since 2004 the investment portfolio has returned over 8.0% per annum. This has enabled the Foundation to help fund the $3.6m construction of the Day Services Wing. 

Should you wish to speak with a member of the Foundation’s Investment sub-committee, please send an email to or leave a message in the contact form below. You can also call 0800 4 WAIPUNA (0800 492 47862) to organise a time to discuss what we do together. 

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