Hospice Services

What does Waipuna Hospice do?

Waipuna Hospice provides critical palliative care for people in the Western Bay of Plenty region. Palliative care is a branch of the health service that cares for people with an advanced progressive disease that cannot be cured, or if the patient has declined active treatment.

The focus of care is the patients and their family/whanau’s total care (their physical/tinana, social/whanaungatanga, emotional/hinengaro and spiritual/wairua wellbeing). Care is specific to each person and focuses on helping them to live the best that they can for as long as they are able. Care is provided by a skilled team of health professionals lead by the specialists in palliative care – in this case the Waipuna Hospice Team.

How much does it cost to run the Waipuna Hospice?

It costs nearly $7 million for Waipuna Hospice to provide hospice services to the Western Bay of Plenty. Nearly half of that figure is reliant on fund-raising – that’s nearly $53,000 per week that we must raise in order to operate.


Who does Waipuna Hospice serve?

Waipuna Hospice provides palliative care for patients across the Western Bay of Plenty. The Hospice has 9 beds available at any one time, and also provides care to patients in their own home or at times in hospital. It is free for patients to access this care, as a result of the generosity of local donors. 


How is waipuna hospice foundation (waipuna for tomorrow) different from the waipuna hospice?

The Waipuna Hospice Foundation is responsible for the long term interests of Waipuna Hospice including raising funds for capital works and managing and growing a portfolio of investments for the benefit of Waipuna, whereas the Waipuna Hospice Inc Board is responsible for the day-to-day running of the Hospice and all operational expenditure. 

What is the mission of the waipuna hospice foundation?

Our mission is to ensure the long-term sustainability of free hospice services to the Western Bay of Plenty.

Is Waipuna hospice foundation registered as a charity?

Yes, we are a registered charity. Our charity number is CC21852.

Who is running Waipuna hospice foundation?

We have a board of six local trustees. You can read more about them here

When did Waipuna Hospice Foundation start? 

The Waipuna Hospice Foundation started in 2003.

How can I support Waipuna Hospice Foundation?

You can support us by choosing to leave a bequest to Waipuna Hospice Foundation in your Will. With population growth in Tauranga, demand for Hospice Services is going to increase. Unless we act now, we may not be ready for tomorrow.

Your consideration of a bequest for Waipuna Hospice Foundation, and your continued assistance for our day-to-day operational requirements is appreciated.

Why should I make a Will?

It ensures that the distribution of your assets after your death are carried out as you wish. It’s your last opportunity to provide for your family, relatives and favourite charities. A bequest is a common way of assisting a charity.

Why make a bequest to Waipuna Hospice?

Because we need your support. Our annual operating costs are only partially funded by the District Health Board, while we receive no Government funding for capital commitments such as our recent $3m extension. Demand for Hospice services is growing at 12% per annum. All capital costs to meet the future needs of our community rely on the goodwill of charitable donors.

Your bequest will assist the Foundation Board to:

  • Meet the shortfall in our operating costs
  • Provide long term sustainability
  • Invest funds for future capital growth

Who will manage my bequest?

Bequest Funds are managed by the Waipuna Hospice Foundation – a registered Charitable Trust. Funds are invested under a stringent investment policy in association with Craigs Investment Partners.

How do I change my existing Will?

You can update your Will at any time. To make a bequest to Waipuna Hospice, you can add a Codicil to your existing Will – usually a simple and inexpensive procedure. It is a good idea to review your Will every 5 – 7 years.

What are my options when making a bequest?

Making a bequest to Waipuna Hospice in your Will is a meaningful way to ensure your support continues beyond your lifetime.

A specified sum: This is a common form of gift in a Will. As it is not inflation proof you may wish to review every 5-7 years.

Percentage Bequest: Where a specific proportion of your estate is gifted to Waipuna Hospice. This is inflation proof.

A Specific Contingent Bequest: This comes into effect only if your primary intention cannot be met (for example, the absence of surviving family members).

A Residuary Bequest: Specific gifts are made to relatives, friends, charities and the remainder of your estate is gifted to Waipuna Hospice.

Gift of Asset: You leave a specified gift to Waipuna Hospice: shares, property, jewellery, insurance policy or other gifts. These could be retained as a capital investment or sold to raise funds.

Wills & Bequests

Where your money will be spent

Where does my money go once I support Waipuna Hospice FOundation?

The nature of the Waipuna Hospice Foundation is to provide for tomorrow, so that every person in need of Hospice services in the Western Bay of Plenty can access them for free, for many years to come. Your bequest will assist the Foundation Board to:

  • Meet the shortfall in our operating costs
  • Provide long term sustainability
  • Invest funds for future capital growth

How do I change my pledge value?

You can change your pledge value at any time by contacting your adviser to discuss your bequest to Waipuna Hospice Foundation. 

Still have questions?

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